About the Martial Arts; Karate, Traditional Kung-Fu, Self Defense

What is Martial Arts Self Defense?

Martial Arts include many forms of Self-Defense practiced by a set cultural group.  Therefore, every civilization in the world has some form of Martial Arts within its history; the more commonly known Martial Arts styles are Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Jujitsu.

Whatever the form of martial arts, they all share the 5 basic building blocks:  stances, footwork, hand strikes, kicks and blocks.

What is Kempo or Kenpo Martial Arts Self Defense?

Kempo is the unique combination of Karate, Shaolin Kung Fu and Japanese Jujitsu.  This style of martial arts originated in the Shaolin Temple in China.  Monks who were living on the Japanese island of Okinawa, traveled to China, mastered this martial art form, returned to Okinawa and combined it with their own style to produce the  “Empty Hand Defense” form which is known to us today as Karate.  Its popularity spread to Hawaii, on to mainland United States and today is most popular throughout the world.

Famous people of this Kempo-Karate martial arts style include Ed Parker, Nick Cerio, Elvis Presley and Bruce Lee.  Bruce Lee actually worked closely with Mr. Parker for a few years.  The United Studios of Self Defense has had the privilege of being instrumental in spreading the art of Kempo further all over the world.  In addition, USSD has once again reinstated their wonderful connection with the Shaolin Temple in China with its first official visit to the temple in 1999.  Ever since that momentous meeting, the USSD and the Shaloin Temple in China has continued this great cultural and learning exchange.  Furthermore, our USSD instructors now have the great opportunity to also receive direct training from even the Shaolin Monks now living in the United States.

You too can train with Shaolin Monks at USSD Torrance Karate Self Defense and visit China’s Shaolin Temple with us!

At USSD Torrance, we like to share the knowledge passed on over thousands of years with our students.  Check out our Student Resources section for a peak into some of the techniques you can learn.  Join us on our next USSD Group China Trip to visit the Temple of the Shaolin Monks.

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