Kempo Karate Self Defense S Kempo S is a kempo technique that employees many different hand strikes coming from many different angles. Kempo Karate is a practical self defense martial art fighting system that can be traced to the Shaolin Temple in China. These 26 fighting techniques are an essential part of the Kempo Karate curriculum that enables any human being to prepare themselves for the brutal reality of self defense. The techniques include punches, kicks, blocks, sweeps, take downs, locks, and brutal organ and pressure point attacks. If you are interested in studying Kempo Karate please visit our numerous locations in the South Bay of Los Angeles and throughout the United States. Our main branch is located at Torrance Karate Studio USSD. 3817 Pacific Coast Highway Torrance California 90505 310 378-4777

Have we met?  USSD Torrance is committed to bring out the best in every one of their students. Through the beauty of the martial arts, our students learn confidence, discipline, and help center their mind body and spirit. More from this author

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