Club 13 Overhead club defense number 13 -Assume horse stance left steps forward with a overhead cross block -Right hand grabs opponent’s wrist, executes left hammer strike to the opponents nose -Right hand then pulls the arm down as the left hand executes upward forearm, breaking the opponent’s arm -Left arm executes left inverted hand hammer to the opponent’s groin and the right arm pulls the opponent’s arm more to unbalance him/her – Left hand wraps around the opponents neck, moving the hand clockwise to flip the opponent -When the opponent is on the floor, execute right spinning reverse axe kick to the groin Kiai! At Torrance Karate we teach a practical self defense system that has its roots in karate, kung fu and Jiu Jitsu. Thetechniques include punches, kicks, blocks, sweeps, take downs, locks, and brutal organ and pressure point attacks. If you are interested in studying Kempo Karate we have numerous locations in the South Bay of Los Angeles and throughout the United States you can visit. Our main branch is the USSD Torrance Karate Studio. Located at 3817 Pacific Coast Highway Torrance California 90505 Give us a call at 310 378-4777. or e-mail us at

Have we met?  USSD Torrance is committed to bring out the best in every one of their students. Through the beauty of the martial arts, our students learn confidence, discipline, and help center their mind body and spirit. More from this author

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