Club 18 Overhead club defense number 18 -Stand opposite your partner -As your partner begins to come toward you with an overhead club attack you bring your arms to an on-guard position -Move toward your partner and to the outside of the striking arm -Deliver a pressing palm block with your right hand to your partners forearm as you slide your right hand down slightly to your partner’s wrist, deliver another pressing palm block with your left hand to your partner’s tricep -Let your right hand continue in a circular motion to deliver a ridge hand strike to your partner’s solar plexus -Bring your right leg through and reap your partner’s right leg as you deliver a ridge hand strike with your right hand to their neck -Fall with your partner to the ground -Your left leg should be under your partner and you should be on your left side when you hit the ground -Keep your right arm across their chest and your right hand can grab their shoulder close to their neck to control the fall -Once you are on the ground, grab your partner’s right hand (their striking hand) with your left hand to secure it back across their neck -At the same time wrap your partner’s torso with your legs in a snake hold -Now that you have your partner secured, pull your right arm away from their neck and back in preparation for your next strike -Finish the technique with a thrust punch to your partner’s temple and Kiai! At Torrance Karate we teach a practical self defense system that has its roots

Have we met?  USSD Torrance is committed to bring out the best in every one of their students. Through the beauty of the martial arts, our students learn confidence, discipline, and help center their mind body and spirit. More from this author

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